It’s now 33 years …(Jan 29, 1986). since my first ad came out in backstage for headshots….. Thankfully I had never seen an “actor’s headshot”. I had a friend that was an actor, and photographed him often. We were always in natural light, no make-up or retouching. His agent and manager kept saying his shots were “great” and asked who did them.. and the rest is history. (his headshot is still on my website, and I don’t think it looks 33 years old!)

I am a “people” photographer, more than a headshot photographer. Headshots were very retouched and heavily made up back then, every headshot looked the same, today, peoples personalites are shining through in their headshots. Hopefully I had something to do with changing that.

I shot exclusively in natural light, discouraged hair and make-up. and NEVER retouched anything other than a blemish. I still shoot in natural light whenever the light is beautiful, and I think I have created the most “natural” studio light possible so we can shoot comfortably wherever we are.

I still prefer you do your own hair and make-up, though since color “headshots” are what is happening now, you need more make-up than with black and white, and I work with a wonderful make-up artist if you would like to have your make-up done professionally.

My feeling has always been.. if the men look great and they are not wearing any make-up, why do women have to do anything different than they always do, just because they are having photos taken? I want women to wear the same make-up they do, when they go in for the auditions. Whether you do your own make-up, or hire someone, I want you to look just like YOU.. on your best day… I will be responsible for “your best day” you just bring “yourself”

(You can always go somewhere to have it done before you come in, then change whatever you don’t like when you get to my studio).

Most people are very uncomfortable having their photos taken, so I think the trick is to make them forget there is a camera in my hand. Wherever we shoot.. you will be comfortable! And since I went digital 19 years ago, we see everything we are shooting while we are shooting. You can change or adjust something immediately.. so there is no worry about doing it yourself!

I am often asked the difference between shooting film and digital, and the best reason is, it has taken all the fear out of people when shooting. IF you like the way I shoot… you will see something in the first 20 photos you love.. and the rest of the session is all fun… you are not worried about getting shots you love.. you see quickly that you are. There is nothing you can do with film that you can’t do digitally, and there are a million things you can do digitally, that you can’t do on film. You can crop anything without getting grain, and recently color became the thing to have!. You can use the photo in color, or convert it to black and white, which NEVER worked well on film. You get both color and black and white headshots from the same shot!

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

Thank you,